Custom Home Addition and Remodel Services

The TJ Glidden Construction process

TJ Glidden Construction approaches each project with genuine enthusiasm and a sincere sense of pride, as though we are building a home for our own family. 

From project conception to completion, we meticulously oversee the building process to ensure we create your dream home in a manner that not only exudes the highest in design aesthetics and craftsmanship, but exemplifies state-of-the-art sustainable material and energy-efficient construction. We specialize in large-scale custom home additions and remodels, though we don’t shy away from new construction. Learn more about us.

In the pre-construction stage, we collaborate with our clients by asking questions so we may provide the best and most efficient solutions for constructible feasibility. 

Throughout the project, our core values – coordination, continuity, and communication – are the cornerstone of how we work with clients to ensure no details are lost and common obstacles and issues are anticipated in advance. With our firm grasp of construction costs, we are able to narrow on a budget, and we continually review and update this number throughout the process, while communicating with our clients.

Project Planning and Design

Over five decades, we have honed our project planning and design skills by tapping into relationships with knowledgeable and competent consultants. We work on all facets of construction, from conception, pre-design and pre-construction, through completion and closeout, including furnishings, fixtures, and equipment. Most of our projects are considered design-build projects, which require creativity and attention to detail in order to reflect the true vision of our clients. We know how to manifest design ideas and will achieve your design dreams, whether it’s in-house or through a group of selected architects. We do all this with the utmost discretion in relation to your budget.

Project Construction

There is no project too large or too small. We will remodel the bathroom or take on your 10,000-square-foot mountainside retreat. Over our many years serving the area, we have developed the skills and creative capacity to complete some highly complex projects on time and on budget. This experience has earned us an impeccable reputation. We are proud of each job we do, and it shows in the end result and timeliness in which we complete each project.

Construction Management

We assure clients a project experience that brings fairness and predictability to quality, budget, and schedule expectations and allows the design team and general contractor to perform to their highest capabilities. We strive to complement, not duplicate, the work of owners, architects, designers and contractors, thus creating a net benefit – not cost – to the project.

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